Sunday, December 3, 2006

Turistas takes no vacation when it comes to good film making.

Youd be correct if you think by the trailer that Turistas sounds an awful lot like a rehashing of Eli Roth's Hostel. Yes its young Tourist in unknown places, and yes it has lots of T&A. That aside, Turistas is a much more well rounded movie than Hostel. Director John Stockwell loves these kind of tropical enviroments as the back drop of his movies. With movies like Blue Crush, and Into the Blue Stockwell has got a nack for using water to build tension. Turistas does everything right that Roth's Hostel did wrong. The major diffrence here is a more seasoned and professional director and a bit more story developement. Some of the underwater scenes in this movie are amazing. Just think of this movie as Hostel with a plot. Casting was well done and the movie is really more of a thriller than a horror movie. I liked the movie a great deal, it was entertaining, and awesome to look at. Im not going to call it a the best horror movie ive seen all year because i think that would not be fair to the movie. Its just a great thriller, and overall a pretty great flick.

I give it 3 rollos

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cute and BORING!!!

OK, am i the only one that sick of the recent rash of family movies that are invading our beloved cinaplexes? I mean enough is enough! Now dont get me wrong some of these movies are quite good, but i mean this is getting to be a little too much. Where are the real stories that need to be told. Where is the grit that american cinema used to offer up in healthy portions. Im slowly watching Hollywood become land of the PG movies , and i for one am dissapointed. If i see one more group of wacky animals band together to save something or someone again im going to go postal. I mean its the same script pumped out over and over and over. I can hear the pitch for the latest one now," OK guys, just imagine the lion king, but with ARDVARKS!". Look we get it, CGI is awesome, now unless you can do something original with it im over it. Seeing how many funny facial expressions you can animate on a orangatang just isnt enough to keep giving you guys my eight bucks. Its not their faults for making them though, its ours for flooding to the theatres to watch the crap. Even though its not a cartoon lets look at Deck the Halls, the latest holliday family garbage weve been served. Its gottten some of the worst reviews since Gigli yet it finished #4 this week at the box office! This is the reason we dont have quality family movies anymore. They know its all in the packaging and that people will just show up like thirsty camels to an oasis. Im boycotting any movie where cute animals sing, dance, or find themselves in an enviroment that is foreign to them. I dont care if Jesus himself voices the role of a whacky OCD fruit bat that is trying to find his way back to his mothers cave! Im over it, and if you want good family movies back you better be over it too....

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Review of De Ja Vu

Man if there is one thing i love its a Denzel Washington movie. This man knows his craft and is normally responsible for making crappy written and directed pictures very watchable. Its rare that he actually gets to appear in a movie that is as strong as his performances. When it happens it normally means that he will get his hands on another lil shiney gold fella come 1st of the year. This movie is entertaining and fun, but Oscar worthy its not. Its entertainment and sometimes that can be just as good. Its your typical Bruckheimer movie as he has a nack of delivering us these smart popcorn action flicks. Tony Scott does a great job of directing and showing some much needed love to the New Orleans backdrop. Jimmy Caviezel delivers in his first big picture roll since playing Jesus. You get the feeling that maybe he is asking for a couple of bad guy roles at this point???? Anyhow the movie works on about 5 diffrent levels. The ones that it doesnt deliver on will be quickly forgoten as you leave because overall you will have seen a decent flick. Nothing life changing here but a great waste of 2 hours.


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Movies i reveiwed before i got here (capsule)

Employee of the Month

This wasnt at all what i was expecting. I think that Dane Cook is brilliant at what he does. The question is, why didnt he do that on his first movie? Dont get me wrong the movie is comical, but not funny. It baffled me why they played him as the straight guy. Im sure he has a lot better work coming. Wait for DVD, cross fingers for unrated version....

The Gaurdian

The only thing i can say about this heap is GAURD YOUR MONEY

Man of the Year

Barry Levinson needs to make up his mind what kind of movie he wants to make. This movie takes so many diffrent directions that i felt like i was on a road trip with a dislexic navigator. Pick a direction and stick with it Barry! Premise was good, execution was very bad.

The Grudge 2

I never really have seen the appeal of the whole GRUDGE movie madness. The first one didnt scare me and this one was not much better. There was an awesome scene of someone puking milk back into a container but other than that it was a train wreck. If you really loved the GRUDGE you will probably like this one too. I found it confusing and lil asian kids with giant mouths dont really scare me(insert lame cat noise here)

Saw 3

This movie was over all pretty good. Im a fan of the contraptions and the tension that this series seems to build. Its not very hokey like the second one which was good in its on way. This time Jigsaw and the crew return to the creepy goodness of the first film. It follows the story line perfectly and i love how the characters seem to wander into the other films victims and assorted scenes. With another one planned for Halloween of next year these movies are becoming more of a Halloween tradition, and less like just another typical horror sequal.

The Departed

This is an awesome movie! Nicholson has been turning in lovable old guy roles for the last 6 years or so. In this one Jack is back and better than ever. Its violent, gritty, and all Marty S. If you love Scorsessi you will love this movie. Its one of the best executed crime thrillers that i have ever seen. This movie goes with the old saying "If you have to shoot someone, shoot them in the head." EXCELLENT!


Funny, i have no idea how this guy gets away with what he says just by wearing an oversized mustache. You will hide your eyes in delight as he embarasses one unwilling victim after another. Sadly i think he will be a one trick pony with these types of films. As the immortal Tom Green figured out, you cant prank your way to fame and fortune. The pranks are over when before u have a chance to pull them, they are asking for your autograph. I believe Mr. Cohen has acting chops though, and he will continue to make us chuckle in more traditional comedy roles in the future.

The Return

AHH Sarah Michelle, the Jamie Lee Curtis of our time. She loves the horror industry doesnt she? Sadly this movie is not horrifying, but horrible. Its taking a page out of the new school of movie writing which is confusion equals terror. This movie felt as if it started in the middle. It spent no time letting the audience get to know and sympathize with the main character. Geller delivers on her big eyed expressions of terror ten fold. Unfortunatly for the audience there is nothing to be frightined of...

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